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Shenzhen Haopeng Technology Co., ltd came to visit our company to negotiate and cooperate!

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Shenzhen Haopeng Technology Co., ltd came to visit our company to negotiate and cooperate!

To further promote the cooperative relationshipbetween Shenzhen Haopeng Technology Co., ltd(hereinafter referred to as“Haopeng Technology”)andour company, the senior quality engineer Song Yulin, R&D manager CaiXiaojuan and Purchasing SupervisorChenSuof Haopeng Technology came to visit our company on August 18, 2016. Chief Technology Officer Zhao Quan, Deputy General Manager Dong Yunlong, and releted department and personnel received them.

On August 18, our company held the first meeting in the conference room on the third floor for their visiting, the meeting was presided over by Quality Inspection Department minister Yang Xiaodan. Chief Technology Officer Zhao Quan and Deputy General Manager Dong Yunlong, during the meeting, introduced the enterprise development and quality management in recent years, thenthe audit team leader Song Yulin of HaopengTechnology introduced the purpose of their visit in detail. After the two sides communicated carefully, accompanied by our company’s leaders, the audit team went into our workshop to know the quality control and carry out a careful examination.Through the on-site inspection and system documents, the audit team held the summary meeting on the afternoon, during themeeting, they commended our company's achievement for nearly two years in field management and quality control. At the same time, according to the actual situation of the on-site inspection, they put forward some valuable guidance. In the end, the head of our company said that we will carry on their requirements actively to provide customers with satisfactory service and quality products.

The visit to our company has a positive affect at improving the quality of the products of our company, which also further enhance the confidence of customers to cooperate with our company, which helps lay a good foundation for the long-term cooperation with customers.